Lens Trekking and Safaris provides you with the ultimate Tanzanian holiday. Experience Tanzania’s rich diversity of wildlife, culture, history and activities. Whether you decide upon: a luxury lodge safari to Ngorongoro Creator, climbing Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro, Meru or Usambara, relaxing on superb Zanzibar Beaches, you will have an unforgettable experience in hands of Lens trekking and Safari.

The owner of Lens Trekking, Livin R. Ngolly, has worked within the tourist industry for more than ten years and has developed his skills, contacts and references to a point where he can guarantee you’ll have the experience of a lifetime.

Lens Trekking and Safaris will give you an opportunity to explore behind the scenes of Africa. With our team of highly qualified and experienced staff, you are assured of an unforgettable holiday experience.

Our Vision is to ensure you enjoy the value of the money you paid by providing reliable, convenient and cheapest service. The role of our clients is paramount to our vision;

Our mission will be to develop an extensive service provision network to ensure that our service is available and delivered timely in the correct quality and quantity as per the agreement.

Currently, our company operates in the northern zone of Tanzania. The main office situated in Moshi town, a convenient place for your Touring Safaris in Tanzania. It is the centre to the Northern circuit National Parks, the Heart to starting point of Mt. Kilimanjaro climbing, and it’s also a gateway to Tanzania and the high way to Central, Southern Circuit National Parks and the coastal regions. More-over, lifestyle in Moshi is cheaper as compared to other towns of Tanzania, which will make your Tour plan more affordable.

Our prices are competitive; we believe only with realistic prices we can maintain the professionalism, efficiency and high standards of service that has earned us the reputation of being the tour operator who provides the best value with the utmost reliability. The value of money you pay will be reflected on the service rendered. We handle all aspects of any type of visit to Tanzania, for visitors from all around the world, who return to us and recommend us to their friends. Contact us today for your unforgettable holiday experience in East Africa with Lens Trekking and Safaris.

Why Us

Lens Trekking & Safaris holds a huge advantage that that many other companies take years to get a grasp of…..This is the local based owners. While all our guides are local and well know where to take yuou, all brought up in the bush with knowledge of it you just can’t learn about in school, providing you with an authentic experience.

Your safety is our number one concern, so on all excursions our guides carry medical first-aid kits and are in constant phone contact with our base so we can monitor your progress and act immediately in the unlikely event of an emergency. Lens Trekking & Safaris you with professional quality services at reasonable prices. Our rates are not the cheapest, but our   experience has shown that while cutting corners may lower costs, it not only compromises the quality of your safari but your safety as well.

We, the Lens Trekking & Safaris team are committed to providing you with a classic African adventures, we are the friendliest people who understand your needs and ensure you in safe hands. Go on safari through endless savannah and see the mass migrations of the Serengeti, climb snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro, snorkel the crystal clear coast of Zanzibar, and explore Stone Town and the unrivalled game-viewing in Ngorongoro Crater or go to a Maasai village. Lens Trekking & Safaris is the most to make your African dreams reality.

Company Profile

Lens Trekking & Safaris is a Tanzanian fully registered company, therefore guaranteeing you reliable and legal tours and safaris and unforgettable real life Adventures. African wildlife safaris, authentic cultural tours, beach holidays, mountain climbing, camping, adventure travel and affordable getaways to Tanzania and Kenya. Lens Trekking & Safaris is a not new tour and Safari company dedicated to impressing our guests with unique, memorable journeys of a lifetime. We are working hard to achieve the best in African travel. It’s your chance now to book your Lens Trekking & Safaris and discover how we can make your journey special and go the extra mile to assist you. We are proud to call ourselves Lens Trekking & Safaris.

Our guides

They are all the world’s best tour guides and have many years of experience in the region you are travelling in. They are highly trained professionals, friendly people and great linguists. They all speak fluent English and we will make sure you are catered for. Our guides are passionate about the bush and nothing pleases them more than seeing you go home happy and full of great stories.

All our guides have great knowledge of the wildlife, great driving skills and like many people some have their own preferences and favorite animals or are highly specialized in certain fields like birding or even butterflies. They are eager to please you and will make it their mission to ensure you have the best time possible when travelling with us.

Our Vehicles

Lens Trekking & Safaris uses very good and reliable vehicles for transport. Our vehicles are 4-wheel drive Toyota, Land Cruisers and Land Rovers, designed according to the style of safari, with the same style for adventure. When it comes to group size, we always believe that the smaller and more intimate the group, the better. We like to keep the safari cars spacious, so we recommend no more than 4-6 guests per vehicle. Everyone is then guaranteed a window seat with enough space for a comfortable ride.
We invite you to join us on the journey of a lifetime.