The migration in East Africa is world-renowned. Millions of wildebeests participate in the migration through Tanzania and Kenya. Hundreds of thousands of zebra join them. Although lions and other carnivores do not migrate with the grazing animals, they feast on them when their paths cross.

January: Southern Serengeti and Northern Ngorongoro Conservation Area
February: Northern Ngorongoro Conservation Area
March: Southern Serengeti
April: Southern Serengeti, Ndutu
May: Southern Serengeti, Ndutu
June: Middle and Western Corridor of Serengeti
July: Western Corridor of Serengeti
August: Northwestern Serengeti, Masai Mara
September: Masai Mara
October: Masai Mara
November: Masai Mara, Northeastern Serengeti
December: Eastern and central Serengeti

The best time to see the migration in Tanzania is often January-March and June-August. In the Kenya, it is often best September-October. The migration timing depends on the water resources, and the animals move daily. Therefore, it is impossible to predict exactly, but your safari guide will know where the animals are. You will have the opportunity to see incredible wildlife at any time of year!